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1.  Measurement Technology        detail

Imagineering provide business solutions for customers with using engine benches and measurement equipment introduced here. We support customers with cutting edge measurement technologies cultivated by abundant experiences.

Metering equipment

2.  Micro Cassegrain System(MCS)        detail

 1. A/F near Spark Plugs
 2. A/F Unbalance by Cylinders (by every injector)
 3. Deviation of Flame Propagation near Spark Plugs.
      Cyclic fluctuation, Fluctuation between cylinders.
 4. Initial Flame Diffusion, and Correlation of Mass Fraction
     Burned, 10-20%
 5. Measurement of Mass Fraction Burned, 10-90%, and Flame
      Propagation Speed
3.  Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy System (DLAS System)        detail

 1. Fluctuation of external EGR between Intake Ports. Variation
     of the supply quantity, concentration, cyclic fluctuation of EGR
      and difference between cylinders
 2. EGR quantity near Spark Plugs, and Cyclic Fluctuation
      of EGR and difference between Cylinders
 3. Inside distribution of EGR in the Cylinder
 4. Distinction of Internal/ External EGR
4.  Fiber Laser Doppler Velocimetry System(FLDV System)        detail

 1. Measurement of Ignition turbulence near Spark Plugs
 2. Rotations dependence of turbulence near Spark Plugs
 3. Distinction of Tumble / Squish which affects at ignition
 4. Difference in turbulence by EGR introduction, and variation
      between Cylinders
 5. Characteristics of turbulence in Compression
Ratio variation
5.  Endoscope        detail

 1. Visualization of Flame Propagation, spatial relation of
      Knocking Point and Flame.
 2. Relation between supply of EGR, and deviation of flame
 3. Deviation of Flame around Plugs, and variation between
6.Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy(LIBS System)       detail

 1. System generates plasma with laser beam or spark
      and analyzes chemical composition of the target material by
      observing the spectrum
 2. It is applied for measurement of molecular spectrum, wide
      analysis, gas analysis and components analysis of solid
 3. This system with microwave contributes to power saving and
      flexibility of measurement
 7.  Particle Image Velocimetry(PIV System)       detail

 1. 2D and 3D flow visualization measurement in a cylinder
  2. Measures 3D components simultaneously by plugging
       the camera into the stereo.

  3. Obtains both reference data and evaluation data for
      validation CFD for engine development

Experiment institution

8.  Engine Test Bed        detail

 1. 0,5L Class Single Cylinder Visualized Gasoline Engine / 22kw
      Visualized Dyno
 2. 〜2.5L Class Multi Cylinder Gasoline Engine /250kw FC-Dyno
 3. 1.3〜3.0L Class Multi Cylinder Gasoline Hybrid Engine
       / 330kw VVETB

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